Why corporate innovation should be on top of your agenda

Create your future market instead of simply defending what you've already achieved in the current marketplace.
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All Innovations Turn Commodities

Every well-run company is the result of the early Radical Innovations of a Startup.
Maybe your company invented the wheel or figured out a clever way to improve it. Maybe you found a way to deliver smarter, faster, more specialised and niche or simply cheaper than competition.

No matter how radical those initial innovations were, your organisation will over time shift to a slower Corporate Pace of Incremental Innovations, focusing on squeezing more effect, market share, profit and loyalty out of the same, - while defending what was once won.

Once so innovative, every company falls back into a "corporate pace" and on a trajectory to become commodity-based, competing mainly on price.

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Corporate Innovation in Multi-Speed

Of course, you should not give up your Core Business or stop doing incremental innovations to expand and defend it. You're making money!
But, if you want to be the creative force in the market, setting expectations and price, you also need a Radical Innovation Setup.

You should run a Startup Mentality setup of fast-paced radical innovation, that beat normal startups by extracting competitive advantages from the financial muscle, strong customer relationships, technologies, products, back-office or sales force of your Core Company.

Meanwhile, your Core Company maintains its focus on a profitable steady course, while preparing to either integrate profitable startups or new spin-off technologies into its core - or partner up with the new sibling, your Innovation Strategy spun out on the market.

Finally, it's the nature of radical innovations, that some will fail and if that's their fate, you want them to do so as fast as possible. Keeping a Radical Innovation Setup at arms-length, we allow them to move fast and break things, while the Core Company plans and optimises for the current marketplace.

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